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One of the oldest customs of the holiday season is placing a Christmas tree in our houses before Christmas to adorn it with lights and ornaments. Evergreen trees are brought indoors in the wintertime following a custom that stretches back to the inception of Christ. However, the tradition of adorning Christmas trees dates back to the 16th century and the use of ornaments and lights to appreciate God’s beauty is attributed to Augustinian monk Martin Luther.

Christmas trees have always been associated with traditional holiday celebrations, and the lovely nation of Ireland is no different.  We will thoroughly review the Christmas trees that Irish tree growers have produced here to make a pick on which you like.

What to Consider before picking a Christmas tree

Start With Positioning

Choosing a place in your house that is appropriate and secure before you go Christmas tree shopping is crucial.

Calculate the Area

After deciding on a secure location in your house, you should measure the space. Calculate the space’s width and ceiling height.

Observe the space between the branches

Remember that straight-hanging decorations on Christmas trees make them look their best. You should be mindful that decorations on these sheered choices can hang at an angle because many typical trees are trimmed to be thick and luscious. Select a tree with some room between the limbs so the decorations hang straight.

Consider the Transportation

You need to be certain that the tree you are about to buy will be easily transportable. You wouldn’t want to buy a tree that will keep you hanging or have you hire some heavy-duty equipment to transport.

Christmas Trees grown in Ireland

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir is well recognized for its incredibly strong branches and dense needles and is among Ireland’s most extensively used Christmas tree varieties. Because of the Noble Fir’s structure, lights and other Holiday decorations may be readily displayed on it. The Noble Fir is a particular kind of Christmas tree that is renowned for its structure as well as its earthy aroma. These trees will hold their scent long after being chopped down because they can keep moisture in their stems. Ever get that Christmas sensation when you sniff a Christmas tree? You should give the noble fir credit for that!

The height of this kind of tree at maturity ranges from 50 to 100 feet. This is too large to chop down and show in your home; therefore, your Noble Fir should range between 4 and 20 feet in height based on the dimensions of your residence and viewing area.

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is another commonly used variety of Christmas trees (also the most common in Ireland and Europe). Like the Noble Fir’s properties, the Nordmann Fir’s sturdy branches make it a great choice for hanging ornaments. These trees typically endure for 5 weeks after being picked, ensuring they are available for the whole Christmas season.

Using a Nordmann Fir as your holiday tree has several advantages, one of which is that they are typically manageable for allergies. This is because, unlike the Noble Fir, it lacks a pronounced, distinctive woodsy scent. In addition to being exceedingly light, the trees are very portable. The needles of this kind of tree often face upward in their regular configuration.

The Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir, also known as Abies fraseri, is among the finest Christmas trees available in America, and it is also one of the most popular. The Fraser Fir is grown in Ireland, and it is tiny at the top, so it will fit comfortably on any surface you choose. The temperature and soils of Ireland are ideal for growing this tree.

The Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is believed to have its roots in Europe. These Christmas trees feature sturdy branches and thick spiky leaves that make them ideal for hanging lights, much like other trees on the list. They also have a lovely dark green color. The Norway Spruce loves the sun and is the ideal tree to place directly in front of light. It’s crucial to remember that a Norway Spruce requires at least 6 hours of sunshine each day if you’re looking to get one for your house.

The small, pointy needles of the Norway spruce are vibrant green and fall off fast. If you’re interested in this kind, wait till late December and be sure to water it consistently because it rapidly loses its thick spikes.

Lodgepole Pine

Another wonderful Christmas tree in Ireland that families adore decorating for the season is the Lodgepole Pine, which has a distinctive pine aroma, a bushy look, and needles that face upward. They often live for five weeks after they are harvested, much like the other trees on this list. However, because of their size, these kinds of Christmas trees look their best when placed in spaces with high ceilings and lots of open space.

The Scot Pine

The Scot pine is a natural tree with vivid, blue-green leaves and a wonderful scent that is visually less prevalent. The spikes are quite pointed. It possesses excellent needle retention—even when dry, the needles don’t fall off.

The Japanese Fir

Japanese fir is another tree cultivated in Ireland. It is also called Abies Koreana, which resembles the Fraser fir but has smaller needles. Since it is long, this kind of Christmas tree is used more in houses with more open spaces.

What is the most common Christmas tree in Ireland?

The Nordmann fir is regarded as the most commonly used tree for Christmas celebrations by families in Ireland.

Which Christmas tree smells the best in Ireland?

It is well known that the Noble Fir is the best-smelling tree. Its smell is probably what you associate with Christmas. 


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